Random Thoughts 2

i took a break from work (do i do this often?!) in jan 2005… went to snowy nainital & bright and sunny goa. some thoughts.

from nainital to goa

1. nature has a way of making you re-think everything about yourself, your place in the universe, and how trivial most of your ‘life crisis’ issues reallyare – in the presence of such effortless beauty.

2. if you don’t feel happy at work, quit & spend some time with nature. it’s the only ‘natural’ ‘rejuvenation’ process.

3. to quote a famous song – if i could give one piece of advice – sunscreen would be it. oh, how true it is!

4. friendly dogs can make you realise how much love you have inside to share.

5. leching jerks can make you realise how capable of violence you are.

6. the experience of being in a thick forest with no sounds except those of birds and animals is next to nothing else. why does one inflict nightclubs on oneself?

7. books are the only exercise for the mind. and the only way to stop moping about life.

8. cold weather makes you appreciate hot food.

9. lying afloat in the water, moving with the waves, eyes shut… pity you have to wake up and feel the effects of gravity (and all those kilos of weight!) all over again.

10. majestic snow peaks vs the blue ocean waters.
snow peaks 10 ocean 7
game to resume next season

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