Random Thoughts

i had taken a break from work in nov – dec 2002… and penned a few thoughts. just came across these again in old mails… and thought this is a good place for them.

pls note: all references are strictly coincidental and bear tremendous resemblance to the writer’s life. wherever ‘one’ is referred to, it is in fact a reference to the writer herself.

1. sitting at home for a month or more and (on the face of it) doing nothing, is the most calming phase of one’s life. read. eat. sleep. drive. think. relax. one could get used to this. pity that we try and fill every minute of our time with activity.

2. one can do without people for the most part. and one can stay silent for the most part. this proves one’s theory that socialising is a developed skill that need not be developed at all. (as long as mommy cooks and looks out for you:))

3. a good book is all the companion one needs. but sometimes two/ three-timing isn’t so bad either. especially when reading diverse books at once viz. the joyluck club – amy tan, siddhartha – herman hesse, bridget jones’s diary -whoever.

4. all radio FM channels have about 60 songs. they play these every few hours. radio is not a place to look for refreshing music. also, listeners, for the most part, make asses of themselves when they call in. this includes the writer in question.

5. office can never live without you. beware. it’s not an ego-boost. its tentacles are trying to suck you back in.

6. one can never have enough clothes for a wedding. anyone’s wedding.

7. waking up at one’s regular time even when on holiday is the only way one won’t go to seed.

8. living in the present is the best way to stop thinking about the future.and, even better, it’s glorious.

9. trying to study basic math again is one of the toughest tasks of life andrequires supreme effort of will (which breaks down in front of a good book).

10. driving in mumbai is now for the intellectually challenged. they are the only ones who can understand why wanton breaking of rules makes the world a better place. nothing can beat sitting in office till 8 30 pm and beating traffic. except for the fact that one has to sit in office.

11. regardless of being on holiday, movies will be missed. it’s not about having time, it’s about one’s karma from the previous life.

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