Reactions to Single in the city

the previous post was a piece i wrote that was published in the Hindustan Times, Mumbai. Not the most widely circulated paper in this city, so i was surprised that people i knew actually spotted it. But i did ensure that others read this after i told ’em about it!

got some interesting reactions. i didn’t think i was being pro singlehood or anti marriage… i just believe that singles do not need to be constantly seen as biding their time before marriage. anyway… one relative called me to say that she disagreed, i must get married and must keep looking for “a boy” and that her daughter has the same issue but that we are wrong. marriage is a must. yes, aunty.

most friends said they thought it was well articulated (could they really tell me if it wasn’t?! not sure). one friend said i should “have looked at the ‘exciting affairs’ angle a bit more deeply……..coz that’s where the most angst is generated due to misconceptions about sexual freedom & preferences; to the extent of being considered “must be an easy lay” or “must be gay”. Second area I’ve personally been intrigued about is ‘Why fulfilling relationships are always defined so unidimensionally – as u finding the perfect partner to get hitched with, have kids & spend the rest of your life with’???

Yes, that’s a good point. more food for thought for future columns (dream, baby, dream).

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