the art of vegetating

regardless of how this may sound, i do not do this all the time! well, i can’t with a hectic job. but every once in a while i stay home all weekend and do nothing productive, nothing thought provoking even. i watch random TV shows, laze around, procrastinate all work and in general behave not like a grown up thinking individual but a numb teenager.

of course, at the end of the sunday, i feel guilty about having wasted time, knowing i could have done so much with it. it’s the wastage of time that has kept me from pursuing many hobbies, things that i could have attained mastery in over the years. sometimes i blame the workplace… after all the hectic work during the week, is it unnatural to be in a numb state all weekend? the absence of balance can induce extreme behaviour.

it’s the guilt that’s the toughest to deal with. it’s that voice inside egging you on and saying how could you spend all this time doing nothing. and yet, a few weekends later it’s back to vegetating. it’s amazing the number of things we do knowing that we could do better. if one were to actually calculate all the time spent on such activities, am sure it would end being a few years of our lives. frightening. mortality comes at such a heavy price. nothing in the world can replace wasted time and we know it. it’s the only thing we can’t fight against with all the money in the world. and yet, we are awfully good at wasting it!

one can accomplish so much by doing one simple task. switching off the TV. nothing good comes of watching it, sure its entertainment, but there are so many ways to get entertained. i genuinely believe (having wasted several hours of weekends in front of the TV) that if there were no TV, we would accomplish a lot more and have more time to help those around us, invest our energies in something useful. but am i going to turn off that TV? yes, i think i am. it’s wieghing on my mind so much now. starting tomorrow, i am going to make a conscious effort not to watch TV. and let’s see what comes out of it.

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