I Love Penguins!

My first brush with eco tourism was in Australia, at the Phillip Island Penguin Parade and it was the best part of the trip! Every evening, Little Penguins swim up to the shore and waddle up to their nests on the island. Much like cricket stadium stands, there are stands erected on the beach where people sit and wait for the Penguins to come home. No photography allowed. The idea is to keep it as natural as possible so that you get to see the Penguins in their own environment. The first sight, of white specks all together in a bunch, coming closer, and finally seeing the penguins can’t be described in words. Its amazing. Its sad that humans kill other species so brutally for parts of their body, when seeing any creature in its natural habitat is such a beautiful experience.

Visit http://www.penguins.org.au for more info on this unique activity.

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