Sometimes this city can be beautiful

the past few days have seen Mumbai at its best… cosy sunlight, not the blinding variety we have been subjected to for so many months, everything bathed in a soft glow, flowing breeze and the gulmohars out it in all glory. standing out in the balcony watching the trees sway in the wind, i actually had such a good time that it was hard to believe i was in the same place with same traffic, same water issues, same everything… i felt refreshed and happy. maybe these photos don’t do justice because there’s still the concrete jungle all around… but just the trees are enough to break the monotony.
am i losing my cynical touch, i wonder! maybe its a sign of growing old! sigh. cross 30 and the journey towards 40 suddenly becomes a gallop instead of a languid stroll.

life just goes on whether you pay attention to it or not. there is greater ease in not paying attention. but then its devoid of richness & pathos.

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