have caught myself thinking ‘i regret…’ often lately… and have been wondering why it is that there are so many regrets one accumulates in life, much like prizes or scars or stamps even. what we regret actually says more about us than what we actually do. for instance, i regret…

1. not being in a field related to the arts for that’s actually closest to my heart
2. not being adventurous enough… in the sense of experimenting (yes, despite my love of traveling and going to new places by myself)
3. thinking and analysing too much about situations/ decisions
4. not dating enough!
5. not exploring many parts of India as yet
6. not learning to play a musical instrument
7. being too lazy to learn how to cook well
8. being under confident of my appearance
9. many things i have said at home when under pressure
10. regretting so many things!

well, many more on the list but what’s important is to be able to do something about some of them, if not all. fewer regrets = fewer moments of unhappiness. going to check back on this list in a few months to see if anything can be taken off the list!

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