the do not hire registry!

every company seems to be plagued with a severe shortage of good people (as is the case everywhere in the marketing/ advertising/ media industry), as is my workplace. in my personal efforts at recruitment over many years i have seen everything (at least i think so, don’t really know what’s left!).

i firmly recommend a ‘do not hire’ registry given the alarming number of unprofessional people i have come across. banks have credit ratings of customers… why can’t the industry have ratings of so-called professionals on basic parameters like competence and ethics? i am sure it would save a whole lot of trouble for many companies if they only knew what sort of people they were hiring.

its become commonplace to experience things such as…

  • recruits simply not turning up on their joining date and not bothering to take calls so one is left wondering why they confirmed their joining in the first place – one such person claimed they had a new “lifetime opportunity” with another company- which they quit in less than a year thereafter – some lifetime that was
  • recruits accepting offer letters, making the company wait for 5 weeks to join, and then calling 1 or 2 days prior saying their present company is “not letting them go” or that they have sudden “personal/ medical reasons” that prevent them from joining. of course, those problems vanish when they join someplace else in the same instant.
  • people just vanishing one day, simply not turning up to work with no provocation or reason whatsoever… making sure they are untraceable by not answering the phone & making you wonder what kind of person was working here for so long.
  • people deciding they want to drop work in an instant and be relieved of their duties & not even having the professional courtesy of serving some kind of notice period – just taking off saying they are done & actually having the gall to say, “i will be in touch with you” – do they expect some kind of warm and fuzzy reunion?
  • people who quit stating they don’t like the work but towards the end of the notice period ask if they can stay on for a few months more because they have not found another job!

am i being old fashioned by expecting people to have some sense of ethics? it certainly seems so. makes me wonder if these are all misguided notions that should only exist in text books because tons of people don’t seem to have even 10% of it. would it be so hard to be professional about your job? of course, it could be a pathetic place to work and you could be awfully underpaid and have awful bosses – but quite frankly that has not been the case. every company has its share of bad points. but in all the cases above, the behaviour was totally unwarranted. in a way, its great that the bad apples are gotten rid off… but a registry of something as basic as “reliability” would save time and effort of so many people in their recruitment efforts.

given how networked the industry is these days, people who lie and quit or not join are always found out at some point. makes me wonder why they think they can get away with it… and why they care so little about their reputation. sure, its not public knowledge, but tarnishing your name amongst some people in the same industry is bound to have an impact at some point. the same set of people will move around and you could bump into them again… wouldn’t you want to leave on a positive note? why is it so difficult to be honest about intentions? there’s no criminal intent here, its just a job change. surely it can be handled with more finesse!

yup, i sound more and more old fashioned. no, i have no grey hair and won’t have any for a long, long, long time. perhaps i will pay the price for such “unfashionable” ideas!

    • aji
    • March 22nd, 2008

    I totally agree with you, we have offices in India and have never seen so many un-professional individuals. Something I will add to that is reference checks just do not exist and people just seem to apply for every single job on job boards without even reading the job profile. I wonder of someone will have the courtesy of creating a small website for donothire folks and more votes one has, higher risk they carry.BTW: nice blog entries-ajitpal

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