solo trip to Ladakh – the beginning

been almost 2 months since i posted anything… was drowning in work, as always, until i took a week off and went to Ladakh on a solo trip. was the best decision i ever made! have been thinking about going there for about 4 years, and every year as i missed the ‘season’ of jul/ aug, i thought to myself, oh well, next year. somehow it never seemed to happen. almost didn’t, even for this trip. i wanted to go to Bhutan, but all tickets were booked when i wanted to go.

tried Lakshadweep, again, ticket issues plus the fares were really expensive. thought of Cambodia, but by that time, the date i was to go on leave was approaching so it seemed doubtful i would manage all the paperwork. then someone suggested i should go to ladakh. since its still winter there, arranging the trip wasn’t a problem. so 5 days before i was to go on leave, i booked myself on the flights – first to Delhi and from there to Leh. (what has surprised me since i came back is the number of people asking – oh, Leh has an airport?!!)

i knew it was still winter and i should carry enough warm clothing. living in mumbai, its obvious i would be under equipped! so i stopped off in Delhi at my friend anku’s – she lent me her sweatshirt to add as an extra layer, thank god for that! it therefore played a starring role in several photos! of course the trip to Delhi itself was not uneventful. after boarding the flight on time, listening to yana and all yada, we sat on the runway for almost an hour until they announced that the AC wasn’t working (no kidding, we could figure that out ourselves) and we had to deplane and get on a new one.

needless to say, by my usual luck, i had a snoring man and a wailing baby very close to me to ensure i don’t get too comfortable. by the time i got to anku’s it was 8 hours since i had left home and i was exhausted. the Leh flight was early morning so i didn’t get much sleep at all. not exactly the way to head to a holiday! but nothing could take away from my excitement at finally going to a place i have only thought about for so long.

for all you ignorant ones, let me tell you that Ladakh is part of Jammu & Kashmir and shares its border with China or should i say Tibet. the Vodafone call centre chap, when asked if Vodafone network was available there, asked, ” is Ladakh in Nepal?”

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