the visiting card

since i spend more time at the workplace than i do at home, and since any aspect of my personal life has to live from weekend to weekend, i have been thinking lately about individual identity vs work identity. me as a person vs me at work. what’s scary is how much the two are inter-linked. it all boils down to… do i have an identity without a visiting card?

yes, i could get all philosophical about it and begin the question, what is identity, does anyone have a self etc. but am choosing not to dwell on that!

working women are still not the norm in our country, even our city, though most women in our friends circle would be working (certainly in mine). there are enough women who are extremely successful in their careers so its not essential that women would run into the ‘glass ceiling’. but more than that, its about who you are.

when i take a solo trip or spend sometime in meditation, i do experience a defining sense of self. its hard to express in words, but the experience is definitely there. but at the workplace, i cannot distinguish between the two.

so could i ever be a stay at home person? its actually a tougher call than most people might think. that visiting card is still important for me.

will need to head to the hills for a few months to re-orient the brain.

    • Mee
    • July 9th, 2008

    its so true! we can get used to the visiting card identity and forget our own personal self identity. once i quit the last company that rightened things for me, my self identity is shining again:-)mee heading towards the sea:-) not for an identity check but for a well deserved break:-)

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