New Year and Resolutions

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as usual, been a while since i posted. the last time was not a happy time… and i don’t think we have quite recovered yet – and i doubt we will. i got a news alert today about blasts in assam, and thought, will this ever end? it won’t. i know that too. don’t know in which lifetime it will, but probably not in mine or ours. living with terror. no solution in sight.

as for the new year, had no plans this time and in fact was at home… drinking some red wine and watching a good movie on DVD… to be reminded by a friend today that its probably official that i am now old. sigh. no, am not! vehemently going to deny that even if & when i am 70! just didn’t have much enthusiasm this time even to meet friends. 2009 will hopefully be different.

the one question that was even posed to me today is ” when are you getting married” – what’s interesting is that the question has been asked by 4 different men in the past few weeks, all married. wonder why that is. the women, well, i have many single women friends, and none of us ever talk about that. though we might still talk about the biological clock and babies. & the married ones don’t ask either.

the answer for anyone reading this who still wants to know: your guess is as good as mine.

as for 2009, here’s what i am looking forward to, things i could not satisfactorily accomplish in 2008.

1. travel to a new destination… itching to do that soon!
2. lesser stress at work – though that currently looks improbable.
3. spending more time on writing, which i have only been threatening to do.
4. learning a new skill – about time i learnt something new and completely different.
5. meeting more of my close friends. really suck at that lately!

not exactly resolutions, just things i would like to do. resolutions have an odd clinical ring to them that probably incites us to break them.

some decidedly strange reslolutions posted by people on Yahoo Answers – “Stop trying to kill things Go to a phychologist” ??? and other equally weird stuff. and apparently a good one on twitter – “(I’ve) thought long and hard, and decided on my New Year’s resolution. 1024×768.”

not making resolutions seems better.


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    • April 20th, 2009

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