what a crazy four months!

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so much for posting more often and doing things i’ve always wanted to do! The past 4 months have been so crazy that i have had no time except for work, work and more work! Weekends have chiefly been about vegetating for whatever time i could snatch away from errands. so where am i on my list of things to do?

1. travel to a new destination – yes, it’s happening in May!
2. lesser stress at work – no chance there!
3. spending more time on writing, which i have only been threatening to do – continuing to threaten
4. learning a new skill – hmmm, is getting actively onto twitter a new skill?
5. meeting more of my close friends – yes, am getting there, if you are a close friend reading this and have no idea what i am talking about… oops!

not too bad, its only been 4 months. expect dramatic stuff in the next 8.

I did end up writing a diary since jan tho! Very old school and something i have not done since i was in school. But it ended up being a lot like bridget jones’ diary, obsessing about weight, what i have eaten, work stress and being single. It’s just a woman thing, i suppose! so many women after reading bridget jones diary and then seeing the film, would have said, dammit! why didn’t i publish mine. i am certainly part of that club – the Should Have Beaten Helen Fielding To It Club. but then “a professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit”.

so what’s in my diary?
1. i know exactly what i ate on 2nd, 3rd and 4th March 09.
2. i know when i saw Dev D.
3. i know how many books i bought in a span of 7 days.

and other such enlightening material. and some that shall not find its way to this blog!

i think my blog is back!


  1. Lol….i completely second your thoughts on the account of DAMNIT why didnt i published my own diary :)i enjoyed reading your blog.Keep writingCheers!

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