Is it always about ‘size zero’?

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Like This!

Was reading a movie review in the Times of India just over a week ago.
It was of a movie called ‘Ruslaan’ – presumably a flop since it has no
pre or post release buzz. But what i remember from the review is this
line – ‘debutant abcd speaks faster than Basanti and reminds you of
the healthy-looking leading ladies of the same era’.

I can understand the part about speaking too fast, that makes sense to
put into a review. But the next point? How is that related to acting
calibre? Does one have to be slim to act? Even to be the female lead?
Is someone not worthy of being an actress if they are not as slim as
Kareena Kapoor? Why would a supposedly progressive newspaper like the
TOI (they certainly are proud of their lead India teach India
initiatives) print something like that, thereby endorsing the view?
Why is this not even recognised as being prejudicial?

Well, its not just the TOI alone. A few days later, saw a small
segment on ‘Chicks on Flicks’ where they were discussing The Ugly
Truth. I haven’t seen it but here’s the thing- after discussing the
storyline and what they felt about the film, one of the show anchors
says she didn’t like the film all that much and that ‘Gerard Butler
looks so bloated in the film’.

Again, relevance? Sure, a review is the personal opinion of an
appointed film critic, but where does one draw the line?


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