In a typical day in Advertising…

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This began as a series of tweets, and i was asked by a few people to do a blog post, which i am now, almost a month later. Well, i got  here didn’t I? When you spend a long enough time in the advertising industry, it’s inevitable that all of these and more will happen to you. The good thing is you can laugh at them. Feel free to contribute yours!

In a typical day in advertising…

… ‘our budget is need-based’ & ‘we have limited budgets’ are often in the same brief

… there are more designations than clear role definitions

… TG descriptions often read like FBI profiles of psychopaths & but are supposed to be ‘mass’

… the most abused word is ‘strategy’

… that sinking feeling you get in the pit of your stomach is caused by the word ‘pitch’

… if you leave work on time, someone comments say ‘oh, half day?’

… asap doesn’t mean ‘as soon as possible’, it means ‘right now’

… one line briefs are expected to generate 100 slide ppts

… deadlines are given before the brief

… the brief changes during the final iterative strategy presentation to the CMO

… everything that was ‘urgently’ needed in a matter of hours, now lies in the recipient’s inbox for days

… if you don’t have a crisis on your hands, you worry whether everything is ok

… the job list you start your day with is not what you end your day with

For more on the subject, check out some tongue in cheek videos


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