A River Runs Through It

went to bangalore on work, stayed back on the weekend and went to a charming resort run by the tourism corp.

mayura river view is located on the banks of the river and is close to the bird sanctuary. the serene setting is beautifully captured in this photo. the water here is part of the cauvery river.

the resort itself has just about 6 rooms – making sure it stays secluded most of the time. if you come here with friends, as i did, you love it even more. sitting by the river side, chatting, having the odd drink and just taking it all in. ahhh. heaven. especially for beleagured 9-to-9ers.

the bird sanctuary nearby is nicely set wth bamboo growing all around and the lake forming the centre of all activity. but i think we spotted more crocs than birds! monday morning didn’t hit me as badly as i still had this picture perfect setting in my head.

the 2 hour drive from bangalore was pretty good too… passing through the countryside where ‘sholay’ was shot. chill madi. in true bangalooroo style!


Thai Sunsets

after much debate on where to go for a holiday, and getting enticed by everything from bhutan to cambodia, I finally made it to thailand.a holiday that fit the budget, the dates and the desire to relax.

i was determined to avoid the touristy, commercial & bustling part of the country and so, despite landing in phuket, went straight to krabi – to ao nang – a tiny little beach town with one stretch of main road and a narrow beach. stayed at a charming place called phra nang inn.the gorgeous sunsets, blue-green waters and the many smiling faces made me wish i was staying longer.

around ao nang there are many islands with white sand & the water is greener and clearer than the mainland. the most striking elements are the many limestone rock formations that have led to the creation of the islands. i just couldn’t stop taking pictures… everything looked tooo good.the food was amazing… not too many choices since i am vegeterian… but i had delicious green curry/ red curry/ yellow curry with lots of vegetables and the wide flat noodles.

the days were spent exploring the islands and the nearby jungles. a basic elephant trek takes you through some of the jungle area about an hour away. full of limestone rocks and mountains, the trek through the forest was more like lunch time for the elephants. they spent the entire time pulling down leaves by the dozen and swallowing them in great big gulps. considering they consume a few hundred kilos of leaves per day, this was probably just a snack. the mahouts had a tough time keeping them on track. we kept wandering off paths into green leafy areas… and i kept thinking… am i glad i don’t eat so much!

the adventurous me decided to try out kayaking… even though i have never done it before. and i never realised what an effort it was. i managed to go in the opposite direction each and every time… and trailed the group from start through finish. but going through the mangrove forest was a wonderful experience… even though i did manage to get the kayak stuck between rocks that were so close that i had to navigate small water paths . the one and half hours of rowing was more energy consuming than any gym workout! even the guides got a bit tired of me at the end… and tied my kayak to their’s when the going got tricky. kayak lessons needed.after a morning like that, some R&R was sorely (pun intended) needed.

so off i went to chicken island… what beautiful waters! evenings were spent in some quaint restros and pubs… the drinks here are more potent than normal. made for some happy moments!

i flew into bangkok for less than 20 hours… my only agenda being to shop… and the night market was truly worth it. miles and miles of little shops with everything from handicrafts to clothes. did i go wild shopping!the week just flew… and coming back to the hot and humid mumbai wasn’t much fun. alas… one has to earn a living to be able to travel! Posted by Picasa

What am i doing here?

a blog. hmmm. something that lets me rave and rant without actually knowing who’s reading this! well, it can’t hurt. it could be a great stress reliever given that i work in the action packed ad industry where there’s never a dull moment. you work your butt off and then you work your butt off and then you party your butt off and then you work your butt off some more. and before you know it, you are 29, single, and wondering where your life is heading.

but i love my work right now – have just moved from a huge agency to a start – up in the online & wireless planning space. and it’s exhilarating. winning new business, facing the downside, stratgesing, and yes, having fun. that’s what work should be like, shouldn’t it?

as for the title of this page, no, that’s not my alter-ego! just the title of a cavin & hobbes comic book. i thought it had a nice ring to it!

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