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solo trip to Ladakh – Lamayuru and Alchi

the next day, i went on a trip out – to see 2 old monasteries, lamayuru and alchi. it took around 3-4 hours to reach lamayuru, and along the way the views were spectacular. the indus river, the zanskar river, the meeting point of both, numerous mountains along the way in different hues on their rock composition… from purple to green to brown, it was amazing how the colours changed. passed numerous villages along the way, nimmo, khaltsi…

the lamayuru monastery is from the 11th century and is located on the steep & rocky side of a mountain. it has beautiful wall paintings and the view from the roof is also lovely.

went to lunch to a local place at khaltsi… you basically get tons of rice with basic veggies and dal. the only problem i encountered was that there was no loo for miles! finally had no choice but to go to a local one by the side of the road, its just a shed with hole on the floor, rocks below! i think everyone from people to animals had been there! if you have any illusions about finding comfy toilets, lose the thought. it’ll be great to just find a loo in the first place!

the one with the open door – that’s for the ladies.

after lamayuru, it was time for alchi and this remained my favourite monastery overall. built in 1000 ad, its a protected heritage site. its a beautiful monastery, predominantly white, with low doorways, takes you back to another era. i saw some of the most beautiful wall paintings here, but no photography allowed inside the prayer rooms here, because of how old and precious the paintings are.

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