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Down Under is aaaah-sum!

had a fantastic trip to Australia, visiting some friends who live in Sydney at a fantastic location in the eastern suburbs. 30 secs to Clovelly beach from the house… and a beautiful coastal walk across the major eastern beaches to Bondi and beyond. Coogee, Clovelly, Bronte, Tamarama, Bondi and more… an awesome experience to be able to wake up in the morning and see the sun rise here within walking distance!

there are a few things that strike you about Sydney

1. rubber chappals are almost the official footwear… but they call them thongs. so if chappals are called thongs, what are thongs called? no one has given me an answer to that one as yet!
2. the number of people wearing indian clothes and kolhapuris make you wonder if you are in Australia!
3. for Sydneysiders, even bread is bee-yoo-tiful. everything is gorgeous or beautiful, sourdough bread included!
4. yeah so the typical sign off is “see you lai-ter, maite” but hearing indians say “see you latter, met” is not good. no, no. just not good.
5. with such spectacular beaches & parks, its no wonder most people stop working at 5 pm. after all, isn’t getting stuck in traffic on mahim causeway motivation to spend some more time at work?!
6. while london has its “mind the gap” from the underground rail network sydney has “swim between the flags” from the beach lifeguards – a clear sign of the difference in lifestyle!
7. why doesn’t anyone have a paunch?! in the eastern suburbs, even the daddies look hot. and yes, so do the mummies. people run at all odd hours. 36 degrees or cold and windy, they run.
8. yes, the water does run the other way in the southern hemisphere

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