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the nano effect

the 1 lakh tata nano is finally here… but living in mumbai and dealing with traffic everyday has only made me sceptical and worried about this car. will it now take double the time than it already takes (which is already 3 times the time it should logically take), will parking spaces now be found miles away from the intended venue, will all auto drivers (who seem to drive as if under the influence of ecstacy) now buy nanos as their personal vehicles of choice ? can anyone who faces mumbai traffic actually be happy about this car? yes, the people who don’t have cars will be, but once they are on the road in that car, will they wish they went back to the motorcycle & BEST bus? and will all the ‘privileged’ who own cars be forced to give them up?

sure india is growing, the economy is booming, india is the future super power, but all this brouhaha over a car that will only add to road congestion, lead to huge petrol bills in terms of import and add to our polluted environment… is it justified? yes a 1 lakh car is a great engineering feat but is it something future generations will marvel at or will it be a termed as the cause of many subsequent ills?

who knows what the nano effect will bring. i am not its most ardent supporter myself. i do feel that adding to our over burdened road infrastructure isn’t going to achieve anything beyond jams and more jams.

got some cartoons on that recently, which are hilarious, especially the one about reservations for the underprivileged in parking spaces.

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