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hare & thare

ok, this one i have got to ask in all earnestness… why do people from up north say “hare” for “here”? was there a formal change in pronunciation in that region that the rest of us in india don’t know about? i don’t mean to be prejudiced! its an honest question! the moment someone goes, “hare it is” or “what i am trying to say hare” or “hare we have tried to”, its like a bright flash of light… and i can only think, hmmm, probably from delhi or somewhere up north. and its true! anyone backing me up on this?!


"we have no branch"

a pretty ubiquitous message routinely seen in shop fronts. however has anyone seen it at the front of a baraat? i have! this baraat organiser in delhi clearly thought of a unique way to promote his services. since i was part of the “girl’s side”, we were standing out watching them come to the gate, and there was this guy, right at the front of the baraat holding up the sign.

smart marketing or what?

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