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12 random facts

got this from a friend who blogs at Quip Pro Quo & at Travelbytes. i have been tagged and need to write 12 random facts/ habits about myself. so here goes.
1. i love starting my day with good music & spending it with a good book.
2. i really really want a dog but a mumbai city apartment life is not fair for the dog, so i have put that off until i go live somewhere more pet friendly.
3. i love the rain & i love visiting places with natural beauty.
4. someday i want to live on a mountain.
5. my favourite foods are fruit and chocolate.
6. i feel guilty when i don’t exercise.
7. i believe in being true to myself & to having integrity at all times.
8. i am a sucker for a good romantic film (without cliches).
9. i am not afraid.
10. i giggle.
11. i look for the quirky and the strange and the funny in everyday life.
12. 2 other professions i want to pursue sometime in the future: travel writing and photography.

those are my 12 (that i can declare in public anyway!).
i have to tag 2 more people, but am throwing this out for anyone who wants to do this. do drop me the link!

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