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One Tight Slap Awards

its been over 3 months since i last posted something. to be honest, i just didn’t feel like it. work has been a real killer and enough to do at home as well. when i did get time, i felt like vegetating. and that’s pretty much what i did if i had a chance to chill. hence this blog was thoroughly neglected.

however what i did gather was my own collection of the ‘one tight slap’ awards…

1. people who walk through when you hold the door open to enter or exit, without so much as a smile or thank you… do they think you look like the doorman?
2. people stuck in traffic jams leaning on the horn as if wishing it was the accelerator, where do they think they are going if all they progress is an extra 2 inches?
3. people at work who show how busy they are by following up with you on your job list even though they have nothing to do with it… do they think it fools anyone that they can’t keep up with their own?
4. people who are just acquaintances who want to add you as friends on facebook… if they haven’t got to know you in real life, what makes them think the internet is going to change anything?
5. people who want to enter the elevator before the people inside can get out… do they think its a local train?

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