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12 random facts

got this from a friend who blogs at Quip Pro Quo & at Travelbytes. i have been tagged and need to write 12 random facts/ habits about myself. so here goes.
1. i love starting my day with good music & spending it with a good book.
2. i really really want a dog but a mumbai city apartment life is not fair for the dog, so i have put that off until i go live somewhere more pet friendly.
3. i love the rain & i love visiting places with natural beauty.
4. someday i want to live on a mountain.
5. my favourite foods are fruit and chocolate.
6. i feel guilty when i don’t exercise.
7. i believe in being true to myself & to having integrity at all times.
8. i am a sucker for a good romantic film (without cliches).
9. i am not afraid.
10. i giggle.
11. i look for the quirky and the strange and the funny in everyday life.
12. 2 other professions i want to pursue sometime in the future: travel writing and photography.

those are my 12 (that i can declare in public anyway!).
i have to tag 2 more people, but am throwing this out for anyone who wants to do this. do drop me the link!



it’s been almost 6 weeks since my last post. a combination of writer’s block (doesn’t that sound grand), lack of time and a short trip to singapore. however, i do have a quote of the month – which pretty much beats ‘we have no branch’ as well as the great Border Roads Organisation. the photo is courtesy Google Search, the caption is from an actual sign – i am not making this up!

i know they need to be creative, but this creative? how did they come up with a line like that? yeah the writer could have been eating a watermelon when he went… now wait a minute… red, green, but… idea! and maybe it was the same guy who wrote the BRO signs, switched jobs & decided that the city also needed his genius. there’s no-holds barred talent for you. eitherway, its a stunner.

the trip to Singapore ensured that i spent tons of money on what basically amounted to 3 pairs of shoes, 2 bags & some chocolates. when its Lindt Dark Chocolate with Whole Hazelnut, its of course money well spent! Haagen Dazs was the other beneficiary of my wanton spending. but then, chocolate is the answer to everything (even though many people might not agree with me) so I am not complaining. the rational effects of that shopping mania are just hitting me!
when i told a friend that i had shopped quite a lot, i was asked, was it anything useful? so i asked what do you mean by useful. smart ass reply: as a woman, you may not understand the difference between accessories and essentials, but just in case you do, that’s what i meant. all i could say was, hah (writer’s block continued).
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