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Girl Gangs & Driving Trips

drove down to Panchgani with the girl gang last weekend… had never driven down to anyplace further than a cojuple of hours away… so this was fantastic! with ipod, itrip, snacks, water & fuel all organised we were set for a great trip, and super excited. the roads are superb and i loved it so much that i pretty much hogged the wheel. after the expressway, the road gets better, much more scenic with beautiful gulmohar trees dotted along the way. the drive itself is quite easy now that the golden quadrilateral section has been built along the entire distance.

apart from driving around panchgani & mahableshwar, we had a strawberry overdose, it was practically death by strawberry – strawberry with cream, with ice cream, strawberry juice, just strawberry, strawberry ice-cream… you get the drift. we also went go karting with a little bit of sight seeing thrown in… captured some great examples of indian english 🙂

enthused enough to want to go for more such trips. who needs chauffeurs? driving yourself is much more fun… maybe its time for me to upgrade from the baby zen to an adult car.

i think the drive was the best part, the road is the destination as someone once said to me, wholly convinced that i wouldn’t understand!! well i understand now!

i have all these dreams of setting off on the weekend, not knowing the final destination, cos there isn’t one. who wants to join me?


Girl Gangs & Scrabble Sessions

Was out with my girl gang this afternoon. I love how as women we can draw on so much from each other, feel so happy just hanging out with the girls, chatting, discussing everything from serious issues to mundane ones… fight over scrabble scores… and leave feeling like we’ve been in a therapeutic session. One of them is married, the other one engaged and the rest of us single (and some of us lovin’t it). So we can cover the whole gamut of what any woman can go thru, less than loving in-laws, strangely unloving parents, parents pressurising about marriage, not finding the right guy, biological clock ticking, being gloriously single… honestly who needs a sex and the city! Its right here in our lives, we are living it everyday.

But one common thread that’s always there… losing and putting on weight! Somehow, there can never be a conversation without that. If all of us women actually discussed a social issue all the time that we spent talking about weight, i think the world would be a better place. But women wouldn’t be women then.

I know someone who’s first comment is always about whether you have put on weight or lost weight… she’s your personal talking weighing scale and if you meet her often enough, you never have to worry about neglecting your body. She will make sure you always know! But she is rather sweet so i won’t dis her anymore.

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